Sunday, December 28, 2008

Monday, December 15, 2008

Muthafuckin' Drizzzzyyyyyy's Artwork..

This Is The Artwork From Drake's Upcoming Mixtape "So Far Gone"... I Have To Say I Really Can't Wait Until This Joint Drops.

-I'm Everything You Just Haven't Become & I Spend My Time Tryin' To Outdo What Hasn't Been Done & Hopefully Live To See What They Say That I'm Gonna Be & If Not I Hope Future Does In The Memory Of Me... -Drake

*CurT@!n$* - Night Of The Living Dope (Johnny's Revenge)...

*CurT@!n$* Drops His Night Of The Living Dope (Johnny's Revenge) Video... Shit Is Crazy. Dude Is Lyrical. Another Point Goes To Brooklyn.

Featured On The WordsFrom Blog...

The Homie Steve-O Of G.F.C Reached Out To Be On His Project Words From... It's A Blog Where Steve-O Had Friend's Talk About How They Are Feeling Or Say Whatever Is On Their Mind.
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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tryin' To Give GW The Boot Early..LMAO!!!

An Iraqi Journalist Tries To Throw His Shoes At George Bush...LMAO!!!! I Can't Stop Laughing At How He Ducks The Attacks....Even Funnier The Way The Guy Notices He Misses & Quickly Takes Off The Other Shoe To Try Again...LMAO!!!! CLASSIC!!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's Going Down Tomorrow Night!!!...



130-35 91ST STREET AVE


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A-Smash "Does It Again"...LOL!!

Beeeeeeeeeeeeeekay Booooy!!....LOL! My Dude A-Smash Come Through For Yet Another Banger. This Is Do It Again/Missing Ingredient Featuring Santogold. This Shit Is Crazy!!!!..No For Real. I Been Paying Attention. This Track Got Alot Of Ladies Moist.. ::FAN IT!!!:: LMAO! It's A Lil' Something He Throwing Out There Off His Upcoming Mixtape "The Transition". Enjoy The Ear Sex... LOL!

Comedy On The Hump...

It's Going Down Tonight!!!!!!!.. I'll Be Hittin' The Stage At The Laugh Lounge. Be There!!!

151 Essex Bet. Stanton & Rivington
7 p.m. SHARP!!!
$5 Plus 2 Drink Minimum.

Performing Live...

Vladimir "Haitian V" Calixte

Dino Vigo


Vladimir "Dominican V" Caamano (LOL)

Hosted By: D.Lemon

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'll Party When I Get That Oscar...

Conversation With D.Lemon Via AIM...

D.Lemon: you went to butter last night?
Vlad: Nah
Vlad: I don't party man...
D.Lemon: ok. I know that's what Patrice and them were talking about. I hear you on that no party shit
D.Lemon: I'm rarely out anymore
D.Lemon: unless it's some work related shit
Vlad: yeah man
Vlad: Same people are gonna be there...So I'll get big...
Vlad: Then party...
Vlad: Gonna blog that...
D.Lemon: yep
D.Lemon: go in

With All That Said...I Will Have To Use A Quote.

And I Remember Being At The Bar Tryna Ask What That Hypno Hit Fo' (Hit Fo')
Knowin' I Can't Afford To Get Mo' (Get Mo')
Here's A Broke Nigga Trick Buy One Bottle & Sip Slow
Or, Or Leave The Club Now, Do Like I Did Come Back When You Get Dough
A Fishstick Nigga, Now We Messin' With Lobster
We Messin With Grammy's We Messin' With Oscars....

-Kanye West, Verse On Extravagana Off Jamie Foxx's Unpredictable

Levi's Y'all Are Wildin' Out...

Speaking Of Supra's.. I Went On My Sneaker Check As I Always Do & Saw Swagger Jacking At It's Finest. Levi's Took Supra's Skytop Design, Made The Same Thing & Sells It Cheap...SMH!

Supra Skytop
Levi's Foogazies
::Dude From Anchorman Voice:: WHY?!!! WHY LEVI'S???!!! PUTTIN' OUT THAT POOP!!!

Finally My Supra's Are Here....

Thanks To The Good Folks At Supra... A Half Size Too Big But I'll Make It Work...

Featured In Clutch Magazine..

Shout Out To My Toots For The Feature...

Read The Feature Here

Happy Birthday Ms. Eclectic...

Happy Birthday To My Crooklyn Chronicles!!!!. I'm Late... Her Birthday Was On Saturday But Why Not..

Photo By: Me!!!