Saturday, February 14, 2009

A-Smash's The V-Day Project, Love A-Smash..

Since Today Is A Day For Lovers Also Know As VLADentines Day My Homie A-Smash Is Releasing His Mixtape "The V-Day Project, Love A-Smash". It's Dedicated To The Ladies, Lovers & Fronters..LOL. DOPE!! That's All I Have To Say.

Drake's So Far Gone...

I've Been Onto Drake/Drizzy Since Last Year Around This Time.. I Caught His First Mixtape "Comeback Season" Which I Thought Was Something Amazing. Why Amazing You Ask. Well Dude Is Not Only A Dope Lyricist But He Can Also Sing Which Kinda Reminds Me Of My Homie Trey Songz. Slowly But Surely Since Then Drake Has Been On His Grind Heavy Proving Why He Belongs. Well Here Is His Long Awaited Mixtape "So Far Gone". Let's See What This Holds..

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lil' Cease - Letter To B.I.G

I Actually Like This Record.. Lil' Cease Does A Video To His Version Letter To B.I.G Which Was Originally Done By Jadakiss. Check It..

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Candy Girl 2.0..

This Is The Second Leak Of A-Smash's "The V-Day Project". It's Candy Girl 2.0 Originally By New Edition But Smash Put's His Flavor To It. It's Also Featuring This 17 Year Old Phenom DJulien. You Would Never Believe He's 17 But He Is.. You'll Hear More Of Him On My Upcoming Comedic Mixtape..The Name Is Still Pending. I'm Thinking Of "V100" But We'll See...

A-Smash - Candy Girl 2.0 Feat. DJulien

Monday, February 9, 2009

Cops Are Getting Slick..

This Is A Flyer Police Are Passing Around My Neighborhood... LMAO!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

A-Smash Is In Love.. Literally...LOL!!!

My Homie A-Smash Is Dropping His Mixtape "The V-Day Project". For The Next Week He Will Be Releasing 1 Song A Day Until Then. I Got To Be In The Studio With Him While He Recorded Some Tracks & I Will Say This Is Something For The Ladies But Not Only That, Real Dudes Are Gonna Respect It. This Is His First Single Off Of The Mixtape "LoveSpaceShip".

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Gettin' Back On My Sexy..

Photos By: Shareif Ziyadat

No Days Off..

I Take No Days Off, Catch The Shift From My Friend, I Clock Out When I Punch In...
-Lil' Wayne

At The Studio With Corte Ellis..

SRC/Universal's New Artist Corte Is Crazy DOPE!!.. Nah For Real Homie Can Sing. It's Not Like I'm Not Into R&B Like That But Lately It's All Been Sounding Lame. I Went To The Soul Diggaz Studio With Sharief So He Can Shoot Corte. But While Shooting He Was Playing His Album... CRAZY!!!. Dude Is So Talented. We Had The Best Pizza I Tasted In A Long Time. ::Thanks Nigel:: I Even Helped With Styling A Little, Helping Him Tie His Tie Which Lead Him To Play What Might Be My Favorite Track "Tie A Tie". It's A Song Where He Blames His Dad For Not Teaching Him Cause He Wasn't Around. I Related So I Guess That's Why It Stuck With Me. He Had Other Joints Too Which Are Bangers..Just Look Out For Corte, Who I'm Sure Is Going To Make Some Changes..

Still NOTORIOUS!!!...

While Walking Through Union Square's Train Station, I Was Thinking Of A Way To Change A Way A Poster Looked To Make It Relate To Me. I Looked Across & Saw A Familiar Face...MINES!!! It Was The NOTORIOUS Poster & I Am Sticking Out Like A Black Man & A Chinese Church..LMAO!
Photo By: Lala

Gunman Vlad..

I Worked On This Indie Film Called "Holy Rollers" About Jewish People That Have Been Selling Ex Out Of Amsterdam. I Played The Lead Gunman For Ephraim Who Is Played By Q-Tip.. Even Got To Keep My Name.. It's Vlad By The Way. Check It Out When It Comes Out... Photo By: Kyle

We Gettin' YouTube Moneeeeeyy!!...LOL!!

As Some Of You May Know I'm A Comedian Who's Been Showcasing One Of My Many Characters, Haitian V On YouTube.. Well To My Teachers That Said Being A Clown Wouldn't Pay Off, I Wish You Were Here So I Could Slap You With My 1st YouTube Check..LMAO... It Was A Pretty Nice Too..LOL!

12 Year Record Of Not Being Sick...Starts Over

People That Really Know Me, Know That I Boasted About Not Being Sick Since December Of 1996. Well The 12 Year Run Came To An End About A Week Ago.. I Was All Messed Up. Couldn't Even Make Jokes.. People Tell Me That I Was Moody.. Well I Was Mostly Upset That I Got Sick & Have To Start All Over Now.. When I Told My Sister She Was Like "YOU!!? Your Sick!!!?? How The Hell Did That Happen?!!" & "If You Was A School Teacher Your Students Would Hate You Cause You Never Get Sick"..LOL! Calendar Starts Again...LOL!

A Hood Meal...LMAO!!

My Boy Kito Thinks This Is The Meal..
Yeah That's Right.. A Corona & 2 Apple Pies From McDonalds...LMAO!!

Racism Still Alive They Just Be Concealing It..

My Friend Mo Sent Me This Picture Of This Cereal In Paris (Make Sure You Say It Like Kanye Does LMAO).. I Can't Even Look At The Box.. Now Take A Good Look. They Call Black People Monkeys, Now They Have Us Looking Like One On This Box For A Banana Cereal... Sending This Barack So We Can Invade France. Take A Look..

J-Eye's Music Video Featuring ME!!!!...

My Dude J-Eye Just Released His Music Video To His Track "How Do You Want It" Off Of The Soundtrack To His Short Film "The 25th Hour". I'm Featured In The Video Lookin' Like A Straight Puuuuuuuuunk.. It's All In Good Humor. I'm Gonna Shoot A Video Now & Reverse Roles..LOL!!! Check It Out!!

(Video Directed By: Brodee Smith)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Steelers Come Out Victorious..

The Super Bowl Was A Game To Remember.. Really I Wanted Both Teams To Win. The Cardinals, Because Kurt Warner's Story Was Just Fairy Tailish & The Steelers Because It's A Black Year. Obama's Win, Black History Month & Black Coach. Well By Now We All Know The Outcome. Good Game.. Not To Forget The Emotional Version Of Star Spangled Banner That Jennifer Hudson Sang... Crazy!..