Friday, April 30, 2010

Monday, April 26, 2010

Coming To America Party..

Friday May 21st 2010 Will Be A Movie.. NotJustVlad, HKNY/Hi Profyle & SNL Promotions Brings You "Coming To America 2010" Come Out & Have A Good Time...

Everybody's Haitian..


I'm A Sinner, Not Satan..

-Rick Ross

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Marz Money's "Marz Maddness" Mixtape..

Brooklyn!!! That's All That Should Be Said, But I Won't. This Is A Mixtape Brought To You By The Good Folks Of The Noxmen Committee. Marz Is A Controversial Artist. To Be Honest I Wasn't Into The Political Hood Stuff I THOUGHT He Was Rapping About, But I Gave This Mixtape A Listen. I Will Have To Say I Was Wrong... It Happened By Mistake Though, Was A Brooklyn Sky Wiping Down My West Coast Bike & Heard It All There....SMH.. This Joint Is Hosted By Dj Scratchator (Another Problem). Just Check Out Good Music.. I Promise. Click The Link Below For The FREE Download.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

In My Dreams..

Long Before We Know Ourselves,
Our Paths Are Already Set In Stone.
Some May Never Figure Out Their Purpose In Life, & Some Will.
There Are A Lot Of Us Who Are Caught Up In This Hell We All Live In,
Content With Being Blinded By Rules & Judgment.
We Live In A World Where It's More Okay To Follow Than To Lead.
In This World Being A Leader Is Trouble For The System We Are All Accustomed To.
Being A Leader In This Day & Age Is Being A Threat.
Not Many People Stood Up Against The System We All Call Life,
But Toward The End Of Our First Ten Years Into The Millennium We Heard A Voice.
A Voice Who Was Speaking To Us From The Underground For Some Time.
A Voice Who Spoke Of Vulnerabilities & Other Human Emotions & Issues Never Before Heard So Vividly & Honest.
This Is The Story Of A Young Man Who Not Only Believed In Himself,
But His Dreams Too.


The Other Guys Trailer..

Finally Seeing The Trailer... I Went To The Table Reading For This But Couldn't Make The Casting Cut...SMH... But It's Good To See That The Movie Is Coming Soon... Can't Wait To See It..

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My High Time...

It's 4/20... For Those That Don't Know What This Day Signifies, It's National Weed Day... Though I Don't Smoke I'll Share My First Time Ever Getting High..

I Think It Was In 2005 & I Was At A Celebrities Birthday Party. ::She Shall Remain Nameless::. Major Actor, Musicians & Other Entertainers Are There. Being Passed Around Were These Cookies With The Birthday Girl's Picture On Them. Not Everyone Were Eating The Cookies But Many People Were. I Was One Of The Many Eating Cookies. After A Few Cookies I Was Feeling A Little Weird But I Continued To Eat Them. Then I Started Noticing More Of A Change. I Started Trying To Shake My Head Trying To Shake Off The Feeling. A Few People Were Coming To Me Asking Me If I Was OK. I Kept Saying Yeah But I Was Getting Paranoid. Finally One OF My Friends That Worked For The Birthday Girl Came To Me & Asked If I Was OK. I Was Like "To Be Honest Man I Feel Strange".. He Asked If I Ate The Cookies... My Reply, "Hell Yeah Man, Everyone's Eating The Cookies".. He Said That Must Be It. "Those Cookies Have Weed In Them"... "WHAT!!!" I Was Livid. My Outburst Got The Attention Of Alot Of The People That Were There.... Getting The Eye From All Those Celebs Was Kinda Weird Too... But They Calmed Me Down & Gave Me Plenty Of Water.

The Story Gets More Detailed But I Do It On Stage.... So That Was My "High Time"..

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Friday, April 16, 2010

Michelle Obama.. Hearts

Surprise Trip To Haiti........ POW!!!


The Only Thing I Miss More Than Winning, Is Breathing...

-George Steinbrenner

Distant Relatives Cover...

Can't Wait For This Album To Drop May 18th (Haitian Flag Day)... 2 Artist I Really Respect. Let's See How It Goes.... Support Real Artists!!!!...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Thoughts Exactly...

I Been Always Thinking This Thought Of Just Being Successful Without The Fame... Here My Boy (Let's Not Say His Real Name) *CuRt@!n$* Says Exactly What I Think...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm Featured On UnderTheMush..

The Good Folks At Under The Mush Wanted To Do A Feature On Me...... Why Not. Dope Joint We Did Like A Week Before They Actually Saw Me Perform, But The Post Just Came Out So They Really Got The Point Of Whom I'm Is...LOL. They Had Some Wrong Info Like Me Being A Haitian Immigrant & Being Born In Haiti...SMH... Woodhull Hospital, Bedstuy Brooklyn SON!!!.. Check It Out...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kris Kasanova - How Do I Feel..

This Is A Video From A Track That Was Featured On My Mixtape "V100 Presents: What's Happen Radio". The Track Features The Dope, Up & Coming Artist Kris Kasanova. Be On The Look Out For My Bro.. He's Amazing!.. Another Joint Brought To You By Team Guerilla Films..

Monday, April 5, 2010

Sneaker Love..

Saw This In Like Feb.... Is This Too Much Love Though??... LOL! I Don't Love Sneakers That Much Though...

Done Losing..

I'm On A Losing Strike, I'm On A Winning Streak...

-Lupe Fiasco

Micah In The Middle..

Me & Micah Have Never Met..... Just A Few Laughs On This USTREAM I Was Doing With Some Friends & That's How We Became Connected. Then It Turned To Twitter. Turns Out Dude Is A Talented Artist. I Say Artist Because It Comes In Different Forms. Well This Post Is Bringing Your Attention To His Musical Talent With His Mixtape "Micah In The Middle" I Had To Give This A Listen Cause The Concept Is From A Show, "Malcolm In The Middle" Which I Enjoy Very Much. Well I Will Let You Be The Judge Of This VA Native. Oh Yeah Micah Prob. Doesn't Know This But I Was A VA Resident For A Few Myself (Norfolk State Univ. Stand Up)...LOL..Micah In The Middle

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Understanding...

Can't Trust People Everybody Is A Liar, Can't Touch People Everybody Is A Fighter....

-Mickey Factz