Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My High Time...

It's 4/20... For Those That Don't Know What This Day Signifies, It's National Weed Day... Though I Don't Smoke I'll Share My First Time Ever Getting High..

I Think It Was In 2005 & I Was At A Celebrities Birthday Party. ::She Shall Remain Nameless::. Major Actor, Musicians & Other Entertainers Are There. Being Passed Around Were These Cookies With The Birthday Girl's Picture On Them. Not Everyone Were Eating The Cookies But Many People Were. I Was One Of The Many Eating Cookies. After A Few Cookies I Was Feeling A Little Weird But I Continued To Eat Them. Then I Started Noticing More Of A Change. I Started Trying To Shake My Head Trying To Shake Off The Feeling. A Few People Were Coming To Me Asking Me If I Was OK. I Kept Saying Yeah But I Was Getting Paranoid. Finally One OF My Friends That Worked For The Birthday Girl Came To Me & Asked If I Was OK. I Was Like "To Be Honest Man I Feel Strange".. He Asked If I Ate The Cookies... My Reply, "Hell Yeah Man, Everyone's Eating The Cookies".. He Said That Must Be It. "Those Cookies Have Weed In Them"... "WHAT!!!" I Was Livid. My Outburst Got The Attention Of Alot Of The People That Were There.... Getting The Eye From All Those Celebs Was Kinda Weird Too... But They Calmed Me Down & Gave Me Plenty Of Water.

The Story Gets More Detailed But I Do It On Stage.... So That Was My "High Time"..

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