Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Haiti, 1 Year Later..

It's Been A Year Since The Tragic Earthquake Struck Haiti. Since Many People Have Donated Food, Water, Clothes, Money & Time To Try To Aid The Country Get Back On It's Feet. Though The Efforts Will Never Go Unrecognized, Haiti Still Needs More Help. People Are Still Very Ill & Are Still Living In Tents. Today We, The World Come Together To Show Haiti We Still Care. Do What You Can, Cause I Surely Will Continue To Do My Part. Haiti We Love You..... With That I Just Want To Leave Some Great Videos That I Use To Watch With My Sisters & Cousins From My Grandmother's Old VHS We Called "Ti Bre" Which Are Fitting Songs For These Times... We Wear The Black Ribbons In Remembrance Of The Many People Whom Lost Their Lives...

Me @ 1/11/11 @ 1:11..

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tribute To Haiti..

It's About To Be A Year Since The Earthquake Shook Haiti. This Wednesday @ 12 On Hot97 My Bro DJ Stakz Along Side DJ Mr. Cee Is Going In To Show That We Still Care. TUNE IN!!! It's Gonna Be Serious...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Haitian V In Doritos Commercial..

Check My Previous Posts For The Details On This Amazing Project.

Using God's Gift..

While Browsing Around On The Web I Saw A Clip Of A Man By The Name Of Ted Williams. Ted WAS A Homeless Man In Ohio Who Stood On The Highway With A Sign That Read That He Had A God Given Golden Voice. Well To Show How Good God Is, Ted Williams Now Has Many Jobs Lined Up With One Of Them Being The Cleveland Caviliers. This Is Such An Inspiring Story. Watch The Yesterday & Today Clips. Let's Not Forget To Commend A Guy Named Ritchy Who Found Ted.



Cool Grey 11's..

Saw These Joints Make The New. They Responsible For Melle's & Crazy Lines At Stores & Malls All Across America.. Luckily I Was Fortunate To Get A Pair.. LOL!
LOL!!! Just Kidding... Just Incase Ya'll Thought I Was Slippin'..


Here Is The Fyer For My Birthday Party Which Will Be A Special Cinematic Presentation... Inspired By the 50 Cent & Kanye Rolling Stones Cover Which Ironically Is The 1st Haitian V Video I Made... LOL!! Flyer Done By: Quiks Of DaFix.net

Kris Kasanova - The Long Way Home

If You've Been Following My Blog Then I'm Sure You've Read About My Little Bro Kris Kasanova. You've Heard Him On My Mixtape & You've Seen Our Music Video For The Track. Well Little Bro Is Doing His Thing. Working Hard At What He Deserves, Greatness. I Can't Stress How Good This Kid Is.... So With That Typed (LOL) Check Out His Latest Project "The Long Way Home" Brought To You By The Good Folks At Flight Club & Homeskool.

Happy New Year..

Only Words For This Year Are "Plan Strategically, Execute Flawlessly"...