Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Haiti, 1 Year Later..

It's Been A Year Since The Tragic Earthquake Struck Haiti. Since Many People Have Donated Food, Water, Clothes, Money & Time To Try To Aid The Country Get Back On It's Feet. Though The Efforts Will Never Go Unrecognized, Haiti Still Needs More Help. People Are Still Very Ill & Are Still Living In Tents. Today We, The World Come Together To Show Haiti We Still Care. Do What You Can, Cause I Surely Will Continue To Do My Part. Haiti We Love You..... With That I Just Want To Leave Some Great Videos That I Use To Watch With My Sisters & Cousins From My Grandmother's Old VHS We Called "Ti Bre" Which Are Fitting Songs For These Times... We Wear The Black Ribbons In Remembrance Of The Many People Whom Lost Their Lives...

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