Monday, September 29, 2008

Jack Cafferty....::Denzel As Frank Lucas:: "My Man"..

I Laughed Hysterically. It Got So Funny At 1:36...That's Hilarious... PEOPLE WE NEED YOU TO VOTE!!! NOT SAYING WHO YOU SHOULD VOTE FOR, BUT DON'T PICK McCAIN..LMAO!!!

::The Dreams Voice:: YouTube Killa..

Look At The Stats On The Far Left... Most Views & I Even Got A Shiny Ribbon...LOL!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

It's Going Down Tonight..

9 P.M. New York Time... Check Your TV Guide.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cop Turned Patient..

On The Mean Streets Of TV Land..Officer Calixte Was Taken To The Hospital & Is Now A Patient On Law & Order SVU..LMAO!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

NOTORIOUS Trailer...

They Finally Released The Trailer For Notorious.. This Is The Biopic Of The Late Great Rapper Notorious B.I.G's Life.. I Had The Honor Of Being In This Film.. I Play One Of The Guys In The Junior Mafia Click, Which Had So Many Days So Who Knows If I'll Make The Cut In Editing.. Also Had The Chance Of Working Alongside My Mentor, Anthony Mackie Who Plays Tupac Shakur In The Film. I Know All Hip-Hop Heads Are Going To See This So I'm Not Even Worried. It's Comes Out January 16th...Hmmmmmmm The Day Before My Birthday. Ironic.

Recession Episode #1

While Preparing New Comedic Material I Fell Upon "The Recession".. It's Starting To Get To Us All...LMAO!!!! Even Drinks Are Getting Costly So I Only Had To Turn To Reinforcements...LOL

Flite Soda By Tropical Fantasy On The Left..::LMAO:: & Sprite On The Right... They Even Tried To Use A Similar Font..LMAO!!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Don't Crease 'Em...LOL

Shout Out To Dominican V & D.Lemon...

Funk Flex Gets At R.Kelly & Faizon Love Gets At Funk Flex...

It's BEEF!!!...LMAO!!! Funk Flex Is Obviously Upset About The R.Kelly Interview That Was Aired On BET, So He Speaks His Mind....Then Comes Funny Man Faizon Love...LMAO!!! And He Gives His Piece...
Funk Master Flex

Faizon Love

For My Island Folks..

I Can't Stop Laughing At This... Takes Place In Trinidad...

Swagger Like Puff...

"Sing The Song For Me Bitch"....LMAO!!!! I Don't Know Who Wrote His Verses But This Shit It Crazy...

Version 1

::Check The Fruit Loops With Tropicana Orange Juice..LMAO!!!::

Version 2

Monday, September 15, 2008

iTunin' Heavy This Week...

This Is Scary & Cute At The Same Time...

Mutant Baby...LMAO!! This Little Girl Is 17 Month Old & Reading Things I Know Adults Struggle With Now..

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Kanye West Is Now A Gangster Rapper In My Book..LOL!

Kanye West & Don C. (Didn't Know You Were That Gangsta Homie) Show The Paparazzi What They Do To Them When They Get Too Close At The LAX...LOL!!!

Remembering 9/11...

Sad Eyes Come Today As We Remember Today, 7 Years Ago. Many People Gathered At The World Trade Center Site Today To Show Respects To Their Family & Friends That Lost Their Lives In The Terrorist Attacks Of September 11 2001. Every Year Since That Day I Sit Somewhere For About 20 Minutes & Think About Where I Was & What I Was Doing That Tragic Day.

High School, Coming Out Of Gym & I Enter The SPARK Office All Loud Like I Do Everyday Just To Be Hushed By Gloria, The SPARK Counselor. She's In Tears Listening To The Radio. I Ask "What's Wrong" She Says "America Is Under Attack!!". "They Are Crashing Planes Into Buildings!!". ::Same Buildings Ray Blackman & Myself Got Our 3rd Grade Teacher Ms. Williams To Take The Class To:: I Quickly Run Out To See That The Hallways Are Filled With Running Teachers & Students Concerned About Their Loved Ones. It Was Crazy. I Even Called My Aunt To Hear Her Crying Cause She Wasn't Sure If One Of The Planes That Were Hijacked Was The One My Uncle Was Going To Haiti On. ::He Was Cool. He Missed His Flight Drinking Beers At The Airport Bar::..LOL!! But Everyone Was Cool. We All Came Together As A Country. I Headed Home Early. The Trains Were Messed Up So We Took Buses. Seeing Burned Up Bible Pages & Office Papers On The Streets Of Flatbush Were So Nerve Wrecking. To Know That The Possibility Of These Pages Belonging To A Person That Lost Their Life Had Me All Messed Up.

7 Years Later, America Is America Again. Still Strong Still Standing..
Special R.I.P To Felix Calixte

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Coney Island Is No More...

So Sunday Was Coney Island's Last Day Of Being Coney Island. So I Called Up The Gang So We Can Get A Final Taste Of What's Been Filling Many People With Joy & Pain ::That Break Dance Gave So Much People Whiplash & Headaches:: LOL.. Shit Was Packed!!.. Didn't Stop Us From Getting Our Shit Off..

Saw Kids Crying, People With Their Coney Island Tattoo's, It Was Like The End Of An Era. My Cousin Was Even Feeling A Way ::Sorry Pri::...LOL! But All In All I Enjoyed Myself Like I Always Did When I Went There.

Even "Bob Lee Swagger" Attended The Festivities...

Thank You Coney Island For The Many Years Of Joy. Since My Childhood..Well I Hope The Reconsider This Condominium Idea They Have For The Space & Bring In New Stuff For People To Continue To Love....PEACE!!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Voice Dies..

I Would Like To Celebrate The Life Of A Great Man.. Don LaFontaine You Will Be Missed My Dear Friend.... So Will Your Voice. For Those That Don't Know Whom That Is. WHATEVER Preview You Have Seen That Dramatic Voice You Heard Was His.. "In A World Where Movie Previews Were Just Dull There Was A Voice That Changed It All".. He Was 68

Don LaFontaine
August 26, 1940 - September 1, 2008

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend = No Sleep, Good Times, Smelly Feet..LOL!!

So This Past Weekend Was Crazy!!!! Started Off On Friday Night. You Could Feel It. The Nightlife Was Way More Lively. Well Saturday I Ended Up Going To My Cousins Wedding ::Congrats Patrick & Jessica:: Then Got Back In Time To Go To This Party I Forgot I Was Hosting...Get Home 5 Something Hit The Hay.. Church Flow Sunday Morning Then That It Was "Get Some Rest & Charge Your Phone Time"..LOL I Didn't Do Either. I Was Around The Hood For The Most Of The Afternoon. Shot A Haitian V Joint With FireDozah & Stayed Local. I Wasn't Really Into Any Of That City Vibe. Got A Haircut & Was On My Car For The Night...Passed By & Saw Some Friends & Family Then It Was Time For Bachannal ( Heavy Party Time For All The Non-West Indians). All Around The Streets Chillin', Hanging & Seeing People You Haven't Seen In A While. Out There Until Sun Up Then Back To BSKY, Where I Was Chillin' At The Night Prior For Their Major BBQ. DJ Suga Slick & DJ Kess Had The Street Crazy Even Though It Was 10 In The A.M.. Went Back To The Crib & Charged Up My Phone Brushed My Teeth & Headed Right Up To The Parkway. Phone Service, COOKED!!! ::Sorry For Those That Tried To Reach Me::.. I Was There All Day With My Cousin Shrek & Derrick. GOOD TIMES.. Even Saw This Dude I See Every Year That Balances This Bottle On His Head While Dancing & Lifting His Leg. Big Homie Wyclef Hit The Parkway & So Did Plenty Of Other Celebs. All In All Good Time Until Next Year Or October In Miami For Some..