Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Never Have You Heard Of An Actor/Comedian Releasing A Mixtape.. So I Did!! LOL! I Hunted Some Of The Best The City Has To Offer Artist Wise & Compiled This Piece Of History. Also Got One Of The Hottest DJ's In The Game To Help Me Out With It.. Fresh Of His POW! World Tour DJ Whoo Kid.. Ladies & Gentleman I Present To You "New Elevator Music"

1. Movie Guy Skit
2. Whoo Kid Intro
3. J.Ivy - Refresshheedd
4. A-Smash - Walk Wit' Me
5. Nakim - The Light
6. Haitian V Skit
7. A-Smash & Mickey Factz - New Words
8. Champ-B - Gotta Be A "G"
9. Hasan Insane - Fully Loaded Clip
10. DJ Whoo Kid Skit
11. Denim - The Life
12. Mickey Factz - Up High
13. Krystal - Had To Go
14. Ralphy Boy - Tell Me You Love Me
15. Vlad Outro
16. Whoo Kid Outro Click Here To Download

Friday, April 25, 2008

Justice Will NOT Be Served???..

Police Shot & Killed An African Immigrant When He Was Only Reaching For His Wallet. Amadou Diallo's Killers Were Aquitted & Set Free To Kill Again..... 9 Years Later A Young Man Is Shot & Killed On His Wedding Day, This Time No Wallet, No "Shiny Object"...NOTHING!! With All That Said Sean Bell's Killers Walk Free Also. Does This Mean If You Have A Bagde You Can Murder Whomever You Feel?. What Was The Purpose Of The Civil Rights Movement? Can African American People Ever Feel Safe In America? I Really Want Those Questions Answered. Now I'm Not The Political Type But Really, Is The System Designed For African Americans To Succeed, Fail Or Die.. "Come On Mr. President, How You Gonna Fix Other Places When You Ain't Fixed Home Yet"...

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Actor, Wesley Snipes Has Been Sentenced To 3 Years In Federal Prison For Tax Convictions.. He Called On Famous Friends To Vouch For Him & They Even Sent The Government $5 Million, But That Wasn't Enough To Keep Ol' Blade Out Of Prison... SMH..

I Wonder If They Will Make Fun Of Him In Prison... "Sit Your Five Dollar Ass Down Before I Make Some Change!!!!"... SMH
SideNote: He Just Kept Doing That Chopping Motion During The Whole Talk We Had..LOL!!

Alicia Keys' New Music Video..

Alicia Keys Just Dropped Her New Video For Her Song "Teenage Love Affair".. I Was Supposed To Work On The Video But I Was Committed To Another Project.. Speaking Of That The Video Features Who Some Say Remind Them Of Me... Derek Luke.. Peep Game

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Being On Set Of The Film "Notorious" Had Me Bumpin' To This... Missed Memories Of The 90's...

Brooklyn College Is No More...In A Good Way

Pics From A Show I Did At Brooklyn College..

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

This Political Thing Is Getting Crazy...LOL

And The Oscar Goes To.....LOL

This Is The Trailer For The Indie Film I Did... Now You Can See Why I Wasn't Getting A Haircut For So Long...LOL

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Vladimir 3000???

Ok...So I Have Been Going Through Alot Of Celeb Look Alike Situations.. I Get Them All The Time...Let Me Know What You Think.

Lupe The Fiasco....Gracias

A Track I Really Appreciate... I Don't Know If It's Cause It's Too Close To Home.. To Be Honest I May Get A Little Emotional From Time To Time.. Sometimes It's On Repeat Heavy.. Lupe is The Most Underated Artist Right Now.. MTV I DEMAND A RECOUNT!!!!!!

As If I Am Not Missing Enough Sleep Already...

Red Bull Why???!!!.. Why Make Me Lose Even More Sleep I Mean I Been Grindin' Heavy To Complete These Projects. So I Have Been A Heavy Red Bull Supporter In The Energy Drink Campaign ::PLUG PLUG::.. So Red Bull Puts Out A New Size Can For A Limited Time & I've Been Going In..

The Regular Size Can Is On The Left 8.3 Oz & My Special Edition Is On The Right 16.9 Oz..

Red Bull If You Need Me For Any Promotion I Am There...

Vlad X Red Bull New Can...TROUBLE

Living In Danger Is The New Cool...

I Don't Know If You Guys Noticed But There Has Been a New "TREND" Going Around.. It's These Colorful Beads. I Am Not Going To Front About A Year & A Half Ago I Was Gonna Go In On These Beads But I Asked My Boy Rob (Who Knows Everything About Anything) About Them & He Told Me The TRUTH..

These Beads Are Commonly Known As Brazilian Blessed Beads..(Pronounced Eh-Leh-Kays). The Thing About Them They Are Know For Being Blessed For Guidance, Protection, Wisdom & Etc. But It's Been Said That These Days People That Own The Botanicas Where These Beads Are Sold Place Vendictive Curses Such As Voodoo For Spite. So Now These People Are Walking Around With Beads On Their Necks Thinking Their Cool, Not Knowing They Maybe Be Putting Themselves In Danger. Pregunta: Por Qué Usted Participar En Algo Que No Está Incluso En Su Creencia.. LOL! (You Didn't Know I Was Trilingual Huh) (Question: Why Would You Participate In Something That Is Not Even In Your Belief?) Is It Just To Be Cool For A Hot Moment.. Let's Start Thinking These Days People...

Friday, April 4, 2008

Just Incase You Didn't Know...

I Am A Comedian...Well To My Knowledge Atleast... I Have Been Doing It Seriously For About 2 Years Now.. Well I Would Like To Think So.. I Was Browsing YouTube Like I Do Everytime I Am On A Computer & Remembered My Favorites..I Came Across A Clip That Inspires Me..Take A Gander..

I Am Trying To Do One Of These Soon...

Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself....For The 1st Time

Name: Vladimir

Age: Product Of The Reagan Era...

Occupation: Entertainer

Vice: There Are Many..But To Narrow It Down I Will Say Jokes, Fly's T's Good Denim & Kicks..
Well Welcome To A Not So Corny Blog... Just Read Up & Tell A Friend To Tell A Friend That It's Him Again...
I'll Put On The Best Show Youv'e Ever Seen In Your Life, Then You'll See Me Again...LOL
Oh Yeah By The Way That's Handsome Me Up There....LOL!!
It's On...