Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dave Chapelle In London..

Chapelle In His Hiatus, Tears Down A Little Comedy Show In London...

Sit Your Ass Down Mom!!!..LOL

LMAO!!! Back In The Good Ol' Days When I Would Raise My Voice Even A Little Over My Inside Voice (5 Decimeters).. I Would Receive A Swift Back Hand With No Hesitation & Sent To My Room With No Privileges Of Nintendo Or Whatever System I Had At The Time. Seems Like Times Have Changed. Not For Me Though ::20+ Or Not Mom Will Still Kill::, I'm Talking About LeBron James. After A Hard Foul From Paul Pierce In Last Nights Play Off Game. LJ's Mom Rushed Kevin Garnett & Paul Pierce With Anger & I Am Sure Some 4 Letter Words. LeBron Didn't Care That It Was The Day After Mothers Day, He Demanded Her To "Sit Your Ass Down" ::Atleast That's What I Read From Watching Him Say It::.. I Guess When I Start Making Millions I Can Get To Scream On My Mom Too...LOL!! Still A 50/50 Shot..

On The Set Of "Hancock"..

Willard Smith On The Set Of "Hancock".. This Movie Releases In A Couple Of Weeks But They Were Still Doing Shoots.. Got To Poli With "The Fresh Prince" Real Briefly Before He Had To Run Back To His Trailer With Security. Mike Epps & Spike Lee Was On Set Too.. Mike Is In The Film But Spike Has Nothing To Do With It But Was Still There. I Guess That's What You Do When Your A Boss ::Insert T-Pain Voice Saying Boss 5 X's::.. Spike & I Exchanged Head Knods Of Acknowledgment (Not Like He's To Remember Me Working For Him On A Few Projects), Just The Fact That He Notices That I Am There.. Also Talked To Mike Epps (Whom I Think Is Hilarious). Had Fun & Got Payed Doing What I Love..
Photo By: ME!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mommy Loves Me..

"Momma Loved Me, Pops Left Me"... Since It's Mothers Day I Decided To Blog On My Momma. The Strongest Woman I Have Ever Encountered. Literally There Were Days I Use To Come Home To Find The Whole House Re-Arranged. Her Alone Doing The House Work & Moving. And I Can't Forget The Strength Put Behind That Belt Swing....MEAN!!!! But All In All I Love My Mommy.. Dedicated To Maryse "Anne-Marie" Charles..

Friday, May 9, 2008

Ryan Leslie With The Remix Baby!!!!

Musician, (I Am Real Stingy With That Term) Ryan Leslie Visited Sirius Radio & Went In On Lil' Wayne's Lollipop..