Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sit Your Ass Down Mom!!!..LOL

LMAO!!! Back In The Good Ol' Days When I Would Raise My Voice Even A Little Over My Inside Voice (5 Decimeters).. I Would Receive A Swift Back Hand With No Hesitation & Sent To My Room With No Privileges Of Nintendo Or Whatever System I Had At The Time. Seems Like Times Have Changed. Not For Me Though ::20+ Or Not Mom Will Still Kill::, I'm Talking About LeBron James. After A Hard Foul From Paul Pierce In Last Nights Play Off Game. LJ's Mom Rushed Kevin Garnett & Paul Pierce With Anger & I Am Sure Some 4 Letter Words. LeBron Didn't Care That It Was The Day After Mothers Day, He Demanded Her To "Sit Your Ass Down" ::Atleast That's What I Read From Watching Him Say It::.. I Guess When I Start Making Millions I Can Get To Scream On My Mom Too...LOL!! Still A 50/50 Shot..

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