Monday, October 27, 2008

Who Can This Be...LMAO!!! It's Me Son!!!!

Found Myself Wildin' On Stage Of The Biggie Film NOTORIOUS, Which Is Set To Release Jan. 16th.. CHECK IT!!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Funny Ass Weatherman...

On My Daily YouTube Run I Found This Clip..HILARIOUS!!!. Why You Ask? Arthur's Laugh & How The Video Was Done. This Particular One Is A Recut Of The Original. They Say He's A Haitian Weatherman But He Sounds Jamaican To Me.. And I Don't Know Any Haitians Named Arthur..LOL!


Shout Out To Melo-X.. Just The Beat Alone Had Me Focused & It's Not Even The Finished Product. ::I Need That Joint For My Next Mixtape Homie::..R.I.P Nicky

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

XXL's Freshman Covers...

Some People Are Missing But Hey Who Am I??... But Congrats To Ya'll That Made It..

VH1 's Real Chance Of Love = New Favorite Show...PAUSE!

I Knew Chance Was Gonna Get A Show Since The 1st I Love New York. Now This Show With Him & His Brother Is Hilarious. I Hate To Say it But It Is.. I Watch The First Show This Morning & I Could Not Stop Laughing At The Pure Foolishness That Was Going On. Just Tune In Once & You'll Be Hooked...LOL!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Friday, October 10, 2008

Timberland You Done Fucked Up Now...

Went Into Daffy's Yesterday Cause Some Days They Have Hot Shit... I Look Over At The Wall & See The Most Disgusting Pair Of Boots On Earth. These Black Suede Boots Had Gold Rope Laces & A Fake Ass Diamond On The Sole. To Add Logs To The Fire I Look On The Side & See That Timberland Has "B'KLYN" On The Side Of The Boot. They Drank Like 8 Ensures Mixed With Prune Juice & Shat On Brooklyn So Hard With That Shit. Now To Add Gasoline To The Flame I Look On The Back & See "FLATBUSH, ATLANTIC, FULTON" On The Back. WHAT!!!!!!!!! Not My Hood. You Couldn't Throw Canarsie Under The Bus, Not Even Mill Basin. Timberland You Just Lost So Much Cool Points After I Stuck Up For Your Asses In This Discussion About Nike Boots or Timbs. Can't Believe You Guys..SMH

Spiting Artful C...

Most People That Know Me Know My Passion For Sneakers...I Don't Care What Brand They Are If It's Hot I WIll Miss A Few Meals Just To Cop..::LOL!! Sounds Like Rap Lyrics:: But I Saw A Blog That My Dude Artful C Did Last Month About These Air Jordan 3's Which Are His Favorite Pair Of Sneakers. So I Thought To Myself, Self Why Not Spite The Guy...LMAO!!!!!

::Side Note:: Yeah That Says Nike Air On The Back, So There Was No Getting The Jordan Package Early.. Kept Fresh Since 01' Just For This Blog..LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

PSA From All Your Favorite Celebs...

This Is More Important Than If Mariah Is Pregnant For Nick Right Now, More Important Than The Reason Maino Slapped The Shit Out Of Yung Berg, More Important Than Who's The Best Rapper Alive ::Still Jay-Z To Me::, More Important Than Who Has The Most Swagg, More Important Than Subway Selling Footlongs For $5..You Get The Point..

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Muthafuckin' Drizzyyyyy...Swagga Like Us Freestyle

This Dude Is A Problem...Case Closed..Heard About Him A While Ago...It's Like He JustCame Out Of No Where..Canada Get's Another Point. This Is His Freestlye On Swagga Like Us..It's A Crazy Freestyle Even Though He Stole My Line "I Wear Skinny Jeans Cause My Debit Car Thin"..LOL. Request His New Track Featuring Trey Songz On The Radio & 106 & Park Called "Replacement Girl"..

Drake - Swagga Like Us Freestyle

Ludacris' Undisputed Video..

I Will Be Honest, I Really Didn't Want To Listen To This Track Cause I Heard Floyd Mayweather Was On It & I Thought He Was Gonna Be Rapping On It...Then I Heard The Sample On Something Then I Fell In Love... This Is Honestly Some Type Of Get Focused Music...Something You'll Throw On To Do Like 100 Straight Push-Ups..LOL Shout Out To Don Cannon On The Beat & Check Out Pretty Boy Bam Bam, The Little Kid Boxer He's Only 6..LOL

Friday, October 3, 2008

Usher's Trading Places Video...

I Wonder How His Wife Feels About This..