Friday, January 23, 2009

Kanye West X Louis Vuitton Kicks.. MUST HAVE

 Kanye West, Knows For His Trendy Fashion Has Made A Collabo With High End Fashion Line Louis Vuitton. This Sneaker Is A Must Have... I Promise. The Design Was Inspired By A Sci-Fi Character From A 1980's Movie Named Dune. They Will Be Released In June Of This Year... I Guess I'm Not Going On Vacation Anymore... LOL!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

"Imagine What I'm Gonna Do"...

You Should Expect To Hear Young Jeezy's "My President Is Black" Blasting Out Of Every Car In The Hood Tomorrow But I'm Starving For The Remix To Be Released. Jay-Z (The Ruler Of Hip-Hop) Once Again Does A Jeezy Remix In is Words A "D.C. Mix" & Kills It..This Is Footage From The Concert After Party Last Night Check The AMAZINGNESS ::Yeah I Made It Up::..

My President Is Black
My Maybach Too
And I'll Be God Damned If My Diamonds Ain't Blue
My Money's Dark Green
My Porsche Is Light Red
I'm Headed For D.C. Anybody Feel Me

My President Is Black, In Fact He's Half White
Even In A Racists Mind He's Half Right
So If You Got A Racist Mind It's Alright
My President Is Black But His House Is All White
Rosa Parks Sat So Martin Luther Can Walk
Martin Luther Walked So Barack Obama Could Run
Barack Obama Ran So The Children Can All Fly
So I'ma Spread My Wings You Can Meet Me In The Sky
I Already Got My Own Clothes Already Got My Own Show
I Was Hot Before Barack Imagine What's I'm Gonna Do
Hello Ms. America Hey Pretty Lady
Red, White & Blue Flag Wave For Me Baby
Never Thought I'd Say This Shit Baby I'm Good
You Can Keep Your Puss I Don't Want No More Bush
No More War No More Iraq No More White Lies
My President Is Black

It's A New Daaaaay!!!....

I've Been Tuned In To CNN All Day & They've Been Covering The Inauguration That Is Suppose To Take Place Tomorrow, The Day After Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Aside From Amtrak's BS Or My Flight Cancellation Due To Weather (I Was Trying To Make It To D.C. Tonight), It's A Great Feeling. So With That I Leave A Video By Will. I. Am....DOPE TRACK!!! I Had The Honor Of Working On The YES WE CAN Video But I Kinda Like This Song Better....

It Was All A Dream...That Became Real

As We Celebrate The Memory Of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., President Elect Barack Obama Prepares To Move Into His New Home The White House Tomorrow. It's Just An Overwhelming Feeling To Be A Witness Of History. I Can't Muster Enough Words To Describe This Feeling. But With This I Leave The Famous "I Have A Dream" Speech.

Still Partyin'.. I'll Need A Few Days Rest

So I Celebrated My Birthday With Yet Another Party.. This Weekend= Crazy!!!. Even Got To Rock On Stage With Busta Rhymes.!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

It's My Birthday!!!!...

Happy Birthday To ME!!!!!!!!! I'm Just Out & About Doing What I Do.. Celebrating My Birthday... Thank God For 25 Years... Yeah I Said It..The Festivities Started Off On Thursday When My Best Boy & GT Babes Took Me Out To Eat.. It Was Good Stuff.. Then Friday Which Was Alot Of Running Around. Then Came The The Next Dinner Me & The gang Had At "The Max"..LMAO!! Then After That Was The Bashment I Went To With My Girls & The Good Fellas At BSKY & Legend's.. I'm So Tired But It's My Birthday.. I'll Have A Monster Energy Drink & Get Back On It.. Thanks For The Birthday Wishes From Everyone...Love You All.. SHABBA!!!!..LMAO! Oh Yeah Happy Birthday To Muhammad Ali, Jim Carrey, Dwayne Wade, Ray-J, Benjamin Franklin, Ms. Michelle Obama & ME!!!!!!



Sunday, January 11, 2009

Birthday Wishlist...

So I Will Have Lived A Quarter Of A Century This Saturday Jan. 17th. So Why Not Set Up A Wish List Of A Few Things Just Incase Anyone Is Feeling Generous.. LOL! So If You Want To Know Then Here We Go..

Bruxe The Greene 3 Day PK Backpack

Givenchy Cologne (I Love It!!!)

Android Homme Sneakers Size 11 (Matches The Bag Huh?)

Rocky DVD Box Set 1-6

Nintendo Wii

Apple iPod 16G Or 32G iTouch Or Classic

100 Things You Don't Know About Me.. # 1-10

So I Stole This Idea From The Homie Steve-O.. I'm Going To Be Blogging The 100 Things You Probably Don't Know About Me... Here We Go!!

1. I Have A "Thing" For Patti LaBelle
2. My Fav. Food Is Macc & Cheese
3. I Was Voted Class Clown Of My High School Graduating Class
4. I Keep A Picture Of Michael Jordan In My Wallet
5. My Favorite Song Is Sky's The Limit By Notorious B.I.G
6. My Favorite Movie Is Bad Boys
7. 7 Is My Lucky Number
8. I Get Bored Very Easily
9. I Hold My Pinky Finger When I Get Nervous
10. I Sucked My Thumb Until I Was 20

No No No NOTORIOUS!!!...

"Brooklyn We Did It"... I Keep That Quote To Heart. So I Went To The Premiere Of "Notorious" On Wednesday. I Will Have To Say That Was A Great Movie. Jamal Woolard A.K.A Gravy Did His Thing As B.I.G. Sometimes You Wonder If It's Real Footage In The Film Of B.I.G. Really I Was Kinda Overwhelmed Watching The Film. I Was Proud Of Being A Brooklyn Baby. My Friend & Mentor Anthony Mackie Played The Role Of Tupac. He Shut It Down Too.. I Won't Say Anymore. Matter Of Fact I'll Spoil The Movie For You.. B.I.G Dies At The End...LOL! Check Out The Parties From The After Party. Pardon Some Of The Photo's The Photographer Was A Little Tipsy.

I've Been Waiting For Years For This...AHAAAAAAA!!!

Jadakiss' Album "The Last Kiss" Is Finally Gonna Be Released. Feb 10th. Make Sure You Get That. I Know He Won't Let Me Down On This One..

Track Listing

01 "Guess Who's Back" produced by DJ Green Lantern

02 "Kiss My Ass" produced by Vinny Idol

03 "By My Side" ft. Ne-Yo produced by Eric Hudson

04 "Who Run This" ft. Jay-Z produced by Baby Grand

05 "Is This Thing On" produced by Swizz Beatz

06 "Believe It" ft Ghostface Killah & Raekwon produced by The Alchemist

07 "We In Here" ft. Sheek Louch & Styles P produced by Neo Da Matrix

08 "Daily Pain (Married To The Game)" ft. Dondria produced by Scram Jones

09 "That's My Word" produced by Just Blaze

10 "Damn" ft. Fabolous produced by Don Cannon

11 "I Can't Choose" ft. Kanye West produced by Kanye West

12 "Still Here Though" ft. Keyshia Cole & Uncle Murda produced by The Runners

13 "Life Ain't Fair" produced by Cool & Dre

14 "Through My Eyes (Seen It All)" produced by Jonathan Rotem

15 "Deeper Than Rap" ft. Rick Ross produced by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League

16 "All We Need Is Us" ft. Avery Storm produced by Drumma Boy

17 "The Last Kiss" produced by Red Spyda

Russell Peters...Most Underated

Russell Peters Is An Indian Comedian. I Feel That This Guy Is One Of The Most Underated Comedians In The Game. I Really Like His Work. Maybe It's Cause I Am Sort Of The Same Comedian Where You Talk About Your Heritage & Others. Be The Judge

Recession Episode # 3..

DAMN!!! Potatoe Chips Aren't 25 Cents Anymore... I Walked Into The Store For A Bag Of Some Cheese Doodles. I Was Like "Yo Ahkmid Where The Quarter Bags At?".. He Replies "They Don't Make Them Anymore My Friend".. I Would Only Panic & Go To Another Store To See If This Was True. Luckily The Other Store Didn't Get Wind Of This Yet So I Had To Get My Share Like Sonny Bono...LOL!!!

Last Of A Dying Breed

I Should Be An Artist..LOL!!!

I Had To Alter What I Saw... This Was A Book At My Lil' Bro Ronny's House.

Recession Episode # 2

Speaking Of New Years LMAO!!!! My Sister Took The 08 Glasses & Did Her Own Thing... I Guess Money Was Really Tight...LOL!!!

The Piece Of Paper Attached Says +1 = 2009

Happy New Year...11 Days Later..LMAO!!!

Well First Off Let Me Tell You All Happy New Year... Sorry I Been Taking So Long To Post But I'm In & Out Of BS So Today I Decided To Post & Keep Everyone Posted. Well New Years I Was In Church & That Was About It... After That I Enjoyed Some Traditional Haitian Squash Soup. But Stay Tuned For Some Classics This Year. I Don't Claim The Year As "Mines" I Just Show & Prove.

Me & My God-Daughter At Church

Traditional Haitian Squash Soup...MMMMM