Sunday, January 11, 2009

100 Things You Don't Know About Me.. # 1-10

So I Stole This Idea From The Homie Steve-O.. I'm Going To Be Blogging The 100 Things You Probably Don't Know About Me... Here We Go!!

1. I Have A "Thing" For Patti LaBelle
2. My Fav. Food Is Macc & Cheese
3. I Was Voted Class Clown Of My High School Graduating Class
4. I Keep A Picture Of Michael Jordan In My Wallet
5. My Favorite Song Is Sky's The Limit By Notorious B.I.G
6. My Favorite Movie Is Bad Boys
7. 7 Is My Lucky Number
8. I Get Bored Very Easily
9. I Hold My Pinky Finger When I Get Nervous
10. I Sucked My Thumb Until I Was 20

1 comment:

J0SMILES said...

#9, 10 so cute! Ha