Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What's Simple..

What's Understood Ain't Got To Be Said........... Simple!

-Young Jeezy

Monday, January 25, 2010

Uncle Ralph Shows Love To Haiti..

Was Talking To My Boy Mad Max & He Told Me "You Know Polo Did Haiti Shirts Right?" I Quickly Hurried To See The Good Look. Thanks To Uncle Ralph & The Good Folks At Ralph Lauren, There Are Haiti Relief Polos One Sale.. ::WOW:: All The Proceeds From The Shirts Will Go To Aid Haiti In Relief Efforts. Since Everyone Is On Their Polo Vibe Nowa Days I Figure There Will Be A Great Demand For These... The Even Made Them For Girls... The Shirts Come In The Colors Blue, Red, Black & White..NIIIIICE!!!

::Thanks Uncle Ralph::

New JACKing City..

Was Looking For A Basquiat/Biggie Shirt That I Been Searching For For Months... Finally Found It.. Those That Know Me Know I Don't Wear Much Brand's Tees But I Fux With Rocksmith.. But While I Was Searching I See How My Peoples (Brooklyn Sky) Brand Got Their Tee Idea JACKED!!.. SMH.. I Seem To Be The One That Keeps Finding Jackers Of The Brand Too.. Check This...

Brooklyn Sky's Alfred Hitchcock Inspired Tee Nov/2008

Rocksmith's Alfred Hitchcock Inspired Tee Jan/10

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Brooklyn Sky's Haiti Relief Tees..

Immediately After The Earthquake That Shook Haiti Something Terrible Happened. My Brothers At Brooklyn Sky Called Me & Said "Bro We Have To Do Something".. With That Said I Present The Brooklyn Sky Haiti Relief T-Shirts. ALL The Proceeds From This Shirt Will Go To Haiti. Please Support The Cause. The Shirts Will Be Sold At My Birthday/Relief Party On Friday Jan. 15th @ Nocturnal Night Club In Brooklyn. Bring Clothes, Non Perishable Items, Plenty Of Water & Your Haitian Flag.. LOL (We Are Having Fun That Night)..
If You Can't Make It Go To Brookyln Sky's Website BSKYBrand & Make Your Order.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Birthday Party/Haiti Relief..

As Some Of You May Know Haiti Has Been Hit With A Catastrophic Earthquake. Friday Was Planned To Be My Birthday Party, But Now The SNL Boyz, Shortman Movements & DJ Stakz Decided To Make This A Haitian V/Haiti Relief Party. Bring EVERYTHING You Can. Clothes, Shoes, Toothpaste, Non Perishable Food, Canned Goods, WATER!!! WATER!!! WATER!!!!.. Let's Do Our Part. Please Help Us Help Haiti.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Kayla Bliss "Face The Music Vol. 1"..

Today Marks A Day Of "DeserveToBeHereism"..LOL Yeah I Made That Up.. Kayla Bliss Releases The Long Awaited "Face The Music Vol. 1" Hosted By DJ Magic. This Was Suppose To Released In November But Politics As Usual. But It's Finally Here For Your Listening Pleasures. Every I Work With Or Encounter Or Follows Me Always Comes Back & Tells Me How Talented They Think She Is... ::I Told You So:: I Don't Even Have To Speak Much On Kayla. I'll Let It All Speak For Itself. Click The Link Below For The Free Download. I Even Added A Little "Haitian V" Love On It...LOL... Stay Tuned For More Black Classics.... Follow Kayla On Twitter (@BlissyCakes) Tell Her Vlad Sent You.. Kayla Bliss - Face The Music Vol. 1

Sunday, January 10, 2010

No Pants Day..

So Jan. 10th Marks "No Pants Day"... I Heard About This Browsing YouTube Like I Always Do Last Year.. I Didn't Know It Was Continuous. I Heard People Talking About It But Didn't Remember Until I Saw 1 Dude Step On The Train.......
Then I Started Seeing More People..............
Then I Noticed There Aren't There Any Black People Participating In The Festivities... So I Took It Upon Myself To Represent....... I Had So Much Fun...LOL!!! The People's Reactions Were Priceless...

Got My Bag!!!..

Got My Bag!!!! Thanks A Lil' Bit... LOL!!! Was Gonna Put This On My Birthday List But BEHOLD!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

I Deserve To Be Here...

Finally 1.1.10 My Brother & Lil' Sister, PremeDaPrez & Kayla Bliss Have Released The Hit Single I Have Been Threatening To Leak For The Past 4-5 Months... This Song Touches So Many Relative Topics. Me Being The Fan Of The Music That I Am Appreciate This Song So Much. Not Cause My Personal Friends Are Doing It, But Because It's Real Music. The Track Was Produced By Songstress Kayla Bliss Who Has Her Mixtape "Face The Music Vol. 1" Dropping On The 11th Of January. Test Her.... I Dare You. Writing, Singing Or Rapping She Does It All... I Even Challenged Her To Make A Song In 20 Minutes Which I Lost The Bet On.. As For PremeDaPrez... SMH.. This Kid Is So Talented... James B. & I Just Have To Curse Him Out In Creole A Few More Time For Him To Realize His Potential. He Destroys The Track With His Raspy Lines Explaining The Hardships He Had To Endure To Actually Be "Here"... The Record Kinda Reminds Me Of A Young Jay-Z & Mary J. Blige Collabo. Whenever These Two Get On A Record Together It's Magic (No Not Jamel The DJ LOL!!). Check Out This Track & Hit Me Or Him With Feed Back....CHECK IT!!!!

If Mi Nah Rich Dis Year...

"Nuff Sufferation Di Bway A Go Through But Mi Nah Give Up Cause I'm Multi-Talented....If MI Nah Rich Dis Year, Next Year Nah Pass Cause Mi Born As A Hustla"....

-Charly Black

Happy New Year From ME!!!...