Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Other 9-5..

Found Some Pics Of Me Performing..

SpB2 Studios..

Meet The SpB2 Studios... I Don't Know These Guys But I'm Inspired By Their Work. If You Haven't Been Passed This Clip Of A Guy By The Name Of Phil Wade, Impersonating Trey Songz, Then You Must Live Under A Rock... Another Clip Was Then Found, So I Decided To Look These Guys Up. I Then Found Their YouTube Channel & Saw Way More Joints Of Them Just Having The Camera On & Having A Good Time.

Phil Wade Appears To Be A Singer.. He's Actually Pretty Good...Check Out The Rest Of Their Clips..

Back To Work....

Sunday, September 26, 2010

God's Plan..

You Wouldn't Be Breathing Unless God Had An Assignment For You To Do... Something For You To Accomplish.. Someone Needs What You Have..

-Pastor Joel Osteen

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Need These......BAD!!

Got A Few Ideas For Them Already.....

Feeling Good Today..

Just Made A Few Moves In Order To Better My Career & Myself... Stay Tuned..Photo By: STVO


Just Feeling This Song Right About Now Thought I Heard It About A Month & A Half Ago..

Monday, September 20, 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010


I'm Feeling Focused At A Hundred Zooms..


Friday, September 10, 2010

PremeDaPrez Has New Music??..

My Lil' Bro PremeDaPrez Is Hard At Work.. I Scold Him Repeatedly About Putting Music & When HE Comes Back He Puts Out A Power Freestyle (Which I Felt Was A Diss Track For Me), "We Own Dat" & A "Rose Red" Track With AbsoTheGreat & Main Event. Look Out For Future Projects From Preme Including A Mixtape, Few More Freestyles, Feature On My Mixtape & A Video With Haitian V(LOL).. Download Links Are Below

Ron Michel Bass-Quiat..

My Best Boy Ron Bass Just Inspires Me To Be The Greatest. Every Time I Think He's Done Something Amazing, He Brings Something Else That Outshines That. This Time Ron Has Designed A Jacket After The Very Popular Haitian Pop Artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. Check It Out..Blank Jacket

Finished Jacket

Chalkboard Love..

Shout Out To Pizz...

Behind The Scenes Of TYBR..

Behind The Scenes Pics From The Documentary Of Me "The Yellow Brick Road".. Stay Tuned Cause This Is Classic... Shout Out To Frendy & Tarik..

Photos By: Tarik Sykes

Gettin' On Raahl Bad!!...

Labor Day 2010 It Was Me & My Best Boy Taking Eastern Parkway For Ourselves.. Haitian Pride Was Definitely There... It Was Beautiful...

BBM Old School Picture Day..

Yesterday Was Old School Picture Day On BBM (Blackberry Messenger) So I Participated.. So Much Good Laughs Looking At Everyone's Pics... Here's Mines.. LOL!!! Young Vladre 3000..