Sunday, August 24, 2008

A-Smash & Mickey Factz Deliver Paper Planes...

So I Browsing Through E-mails & See An E-mail From My Dude A-Smash. It's Finally Released. What Am I Talking About........"Paper Planes" Featuring Mickey Factz. ::Joey From Blossom's WHOA!::. I've Been Telling Smash That He Neededed To Release It Cause I Am Sure You Heard A Whole Bunch Of Rappers On It Now & I Didn't Want Him & Mick To Seem Like They Were Jumping The Bandwagon. But Understand This, I Had This Track Since They Did "New Words" For "New Elevator Music" Back In April, Which Means These 2 Dudes Already Been Onto How Dope Ms. M.I.A Is, Which Is A Whole Nother Blog. This Also Means You Rappers Need To Get Focused..LOL! Smash & Mick Went In On This Track. It Can Be Found On Smash's Upcoming Mixtape "The Transition". Now I Don't Normally Do This But Here Is An Early Christmas Gift To You All.

A-Smash Feat. Mickey Factz - Paper Planes
Download Here

Photo By: Me!..LOL

Swagger Like Us Mash Up!!...

I Don't Know What's Going On But Lately Shrek Has Been Waking Me Up With News Every Saturday For The Past 3 Weeks. Wether It Be Good Or Bad, I Get Up & Hit The Net. This Saturday He Wakes Me Up With A Text From Work "SWAGGER LIKE US". I Thought This Was An Idea For A T-Shirt For Our Growing T-Shirt Company TodeStule ::PLUG PLUG::. But After A Few Back & Forth Texts For Ideas He Then Says "Noooooooooooo....Nigga It's A Song With T.I., Kanye, Jay-Z & Lil' Wayne". WHOA!!!! "This Has To Be Something Crazy"..That's What I Thought To Myself & Immediately Get On The PC.. I Dig The Track, But I Will Honestly Say It Didn't Meet My Expectations. I Expect A 16 Bars A Piece, Swag Seeping Through The Speakers Itself Kind Of Track But It'll Do. Check It On Kanye's Blog Here.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

John Legend's Greenlight Video ..

My Homie John Legend Just Dropped His Video For His First Single "Green Light" Off Of His Coming Album "Evolver" Which Is Expected To Drop October 28th. The Track Feaures My Twin To Some People Andre 3 Stacks.. Click The Link To See What I Am Talking About...LOL!!

John Legend feat. Andre 3000 - Green Light

Loso Kills "Let The Beat Build"..

Just Heard Fabolous' Freestyle Over Lil' Wayne's Let The Beat Build...MADNESS!!!

Fabolous - Let The Money Build
Download Here

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Highly Motivated!!!!....

This Is My Favorite Song Of All Time...Since I'm A Little Under The Weather I Been YouTubin' & Fell On This Classic & It Made Me Want To Get Back On My Hunger...

Notorious B.I.G feat. 112 - Sky's The Limit

1997 All Over Again...

The Shogun Of Harlem Dies..

Julius Carry Has Past Away Yesterday At The Age Of 56. Carry Was Best Know For His Role Of A Guy I Feard As A Child & Whom I Thought Hands Really Had Red Glow Around Them & I'm Sure Some Of You Feard Aswell "Sho'Nuff" In The 1985 Action/Comedy "The Last Dragon". He Also Played In A Few Othre Films & TV Show But I Couldn't Help To Think "That's The Shogun Of Harlem" My Favorite Line Is Whenever He Says "WHAT!?"..It Gets Me Every Time... Check Out Some Classic Sho"Nuff Scenes Below & A Music Video Inspired By The Character..::There Was A Rumor That Busta Was His Son When This Video Dropped Cause They Looked So Alike..LOL!!!::

Julius Carry
March 12 1952 - August 19 2008

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

That's Detective Calixte To You Sucka!!!...

Watch Your Damn Conduct Boy!, Something Wrong With Your Eyes Chief, Stand Down!!!, WHAT (In SHogun From Harlem Voice..LMAO) & You Look Like A Perp Are All Phrases I Was Saying During The Shoot Of One Of The Shoots In The 10th Season Of Law & Order SVU. As Much As I Wanted To Say Yooooouuuuuuuuu!!! ::Soulja Boy Style:: To See What Ice-T Would Do I Couldn't Mess Up My Paper..

The Golden Child...

"I I I I Want The Goooooold"...LMAO!!! This Kid Michael Phelps Is Killing Them Heavy In The Olympics. He Has Just Snatched His 11th Gold Medal At The Olympics In Beijing. He Holds The Record For The Most Gold Medal Won By An Athlete. I'm With My Sisters Watching This Guy Swim. It's Like A Sharks In The Water But He's Not Eating Anyone Literally..LOL!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Isaac Hayes Dies....

As If Hearing About Bernie Mac Wasn't Enough For Black Entertainment, Isaac Hayes The Voice Behind The Shaft Song & Chef On South Park Died Today At The Age Of 65. Hayes Was Found Next To A Treadmill. Isaac Was The Man That Set Apart The Sound Of Soul. The Grammy Award Winning Singer, Song Writer Will Be Deeply Missed.

King Of Comedy Dies...

Saturday Morning... Shrek Wakes Me Up Saying "Yo Son!!! Bernie Mac Is Dead". Me Being Annoyed Cause I Cried When I Got The Text Saying So On Moday, I Told Him It Was A Rumor. "Dude It's On 1010WINS!!". I Quickly Get Up & Check For It Online. What I Dreaded Is Now True..... On Saturday, August 9th 2008 The World Of Comedy & Entertainment All Together Lost One Of It's Important Pioneers. Bernie Mac Died At Age 50. Bernie Who's Real Name Is Bernard Jeffrey McCullough Died Yesterday From Complications From Pneumonia. He Is Survived By His Wfie Rhonda, 50 & His Daughter Je'Niece, 30. Bernie Mac Was Know For His "Tell It Like It Is" Comedy. He's Been Featured In A Great Amount Of Films & TV Shows, Especially His Own, "The Bernie Mac Show". Being A Comedian Myself I Felt Terrible. This Is A Guy That I Look Up To & Followed, Now He's Gone. "Heaven Just Got A Whole Lot Funnier"....
Thank You For Blessing Our Lives With Plenty Of Laughter.. I Will Do My Thing On Stage In Memory..

Bernie Mac
October 5, 1957 – August 9, 2008

Sputnik Killers..

Wednesday, I Go To Attend My Boy A-Smash's Performance At Sputnik. I Get There Just Expecting To Just Watch A Few Artists Do Their Thing. Little Did I Know, I Would Be Performing Too.. The Host & I Had A Little Chat & He Invited Me To Do A Few Jokes On Stage. In Attendance Was My Crooklyn Chronicles Toots, Patrice ::FAN IT!!!!!! Was Created::, My Boy & Producer, Buzz & 718 Bodega's Kai.. Show Was Real Good..Smash Killed It With Some Crazy Tracks Such As MAGIC By Robin Thicke & His Version To INCREDIBLE. In My Own Words... BOOOSHKASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Photos By: Buzz & Me..

My Boys Turn 3!!!!...

My Little Men Turned 3 On Tuesday Aug. 5th... They Are So Bad, But They're My Boys...

On The Left Is Giovan & Right ,Giovanni

Oh Yeah...Just To Clear The Air, No I Didn't Have Kids You Didn't Know About. These Are My Dear Friend, Sabine's Kids But They Call Me Daddy...LOL!

8/8/08....8:08A.M. LOL!!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Hustle Hard...Hustle Real Hard...

I Just Got The Finish Product Of This Episode Of "Dirty Laundry" That I Shot A Few Months Back. I Play The Character Of "Daunte". Here Is The First Episode. CHECK IT!!!!

Affion Is Killing The Skit Game..

::Message To Affion:: Your Killing Me Man. Your Greedy But I Don't Knock You Man.. Good Joints..

Comedian Affion Crockett Known From Nick Cannon's Wild N' Out, Is Dominating The Comedic Skit Game. Check Out His Latest One Which Is The Spoof Video To Lil' Wayne's -Mr. Carter featuring Hov.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

I'm YouTubin' Heavy Today...

These Are A Few Of The Things On YouTube That I Enjoyed Today...

Robin Thicke - Magic

::Wait To Hear My Boy A-Smash On The Remix::..

Reh Dogg - Why Must I Cry

:: I Found Out About Dude Through My Homegirl KROD. He Has Mad Songs & You Should See His Fanbase. Shit Is Mindless Yet, I Know The Whole Song.LOL! This Is My Fav. & The Other Is Blacken Chinese Man::

Jay-Z - Dec. 4th

:: Found This Like A Year & Half Ago.. Just Interesting To See Beyonce Play Jay-Z.::

Jamie Foxx - Guide To Soul

::Copped His DVD Box Set Of All His Stand Ups & Seen This In The Special Features. It's Inspirational::

That's All For Now.....LOL!