Sunday, August 24, 2008

A-Smash & Mickey Factz Deliver Paper Planes...

So I Browsing Through E-mails & See An E-mail From My Dude A-Smash. It's Finally Released. What Am I Talking About........"Paper Planes" Featuring Mickey Factz. ::Joey From Blossom's WHOA!::. I've Been Telling Smash That He Neededed To Release It Cause I Am Sure You Heard A Whole Bunch Of Rappers On It Now & I Didn't Want Him & Mick To Seem Like They Were Jumping The Bandwagon. But Understand This, I Had This Track Since They Did "New Words" For "New Elevator Music" Back In April, Which Means These 2 Dudes Already Been Onto How Dope Ms. M.I.A Is, Which Is A Whole Nother Blog. This Also Means You Rappers Need To Get Focused..LOL! Smash & Mick Went In On This Track. It Can Be Found On Smash's Upcoming Mixtape "The Transition". Now I Don't Normally Do This But Here Is An Early Christmas Gift To You All.

A-Smash Feat. Mickey Factz - Paper Planes
Download Here

Photo By: Me!..LOL

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