Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend = No Sleep, Good Times, Smelly Feet..LOL!!

So This Past Weekend Was Crazy!!!! Started Off On Friday Night. You Could Feel It. The Nightlife Was Way More Lively. Well Saturday I Ended Up Going To My Cousins Wedding ::Congrats Patrick & Jessica:: Then Got Back In Time To Go To This Party I Forgot I Was Hosting...Get Home 5 Something Hit The Hay.. Church Flow Sunday Morning Then That It Was "Get Some Rest & Charge Your Phone Time"..LOL I Didn't Do Either. I Was Around The Hood For The Most Of The Afternoon. Shot A Haitian V Joint With FireDozah & Stayed Local. I Wasn't Really Into Any Of That City Vibe. Got A Haircut & Was On My Car For The Night...Passed By & Saw Some Friends & Family Then It Was Time For Bachannal ( Heavy Party Time For All The Non-West Indians). All Around The Streets Chillin', Hanging & Seeing People You Haven't Seen In A While. Out There Until Sun Up Then Back To BSKY, Where I Was Chillin' At The Night Prior For Their Major BBQ. DJ Suga Slick & DJ Kess Had The Street Crazy Even Though It Was 10 In The A.M.. Went Back To The Crib & Charged Up My Phone Brushed My Teeth & Headed Right Up To The Parkway. Phone Service, COOKED!!! ::Sorry For Those That Tried To Reach Me::.. I Was There All Day With My Cousin Shrek & Derrick. GOOD TIMES.. Even Saw This Dude I See Every Year That Balances This Bottle On His Head While Dancing & Lifting His Leg. Big Homie Wyclef Hit The Parkway & So Did Plenty Of Other Celebs. All In All Good Time Until Next Year Or October In Miami For Some..

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