Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remembering 9/11...

Sad Eyes Come Today As We Remember Today, 7 Years Ago. Many People Gathered At The World Trade Center Site Today To Show Respects To Their Family & Friends That Lost Their Lives In The Terrorist Attacks Of September 11 2001. Every Year Since That Day I Sit Somewhere For About 20 Minutes & Think About Where I Was & What I Was Doing That Tragic Day.

High School, Coming Out Of Gym & I Enter The SPARK Office All Loud Like I Do Everyday Just To Be Hushed By Gloria, The SPARK Counselor. She's In Tears Listening To The Radio. I Ask "What's Wrong" She Says "America Is Under Attack!!". "They Are Crashing Planes Into Buildings!!". ::Same Buildings Ray Blackman & Myself Got Our 3rd Grade Teacher Ms. Williams To Take The Class To:: I Quickly Run Out To See That The Hallways Are Filled With Running Teachers & Students Concerned About Their Loved Ones. It Was Crazy. I Even Called My Aunt To Hear Her Crying Cause She Wasn't Sure If One Of The Planes That Were Hijacked Was The One My Uncle Was Going To Haiti On. ::He Was Cool. He Missed His Flight Drinking Beers At The Airport Bar::..LOL!! But Everyone Was Cool. We All Came Together As A Country. I Headed Home Early. The Trains Were Messed Up So We Took Buses. Seeing Burned Up Bible Pages & Office Papers On The Streets Of Flatbush Were So Nerve Wrecking. To Know That The Possibility Of These Pages Belonging To A Person That Lost Their Life Had Me All Messed Up.

7 Years Later, America Is America Again. Still Strong Still Standing..
Special R.I.P To Felix Calixte

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