Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Coney Island Is No More...

So Sunday Was Coney Island's Last Day Of Being Coney Island. So I Called Up The Gang So We Can Get A Final Taste Of What's Been Filling Many People With Joy & Pain ::That Break Dance Gave So Much People Whiplash & Headaches:: LOL.. Shit Was Packed!!.. Didn't Stop Us From Getting Our Shit Off..

Saw Kids Crying, People With Their Coney Island Tattoo's, It Was Like The End Of An Era. My Cousin Was Even Feeling A Way ::Sorry Pri::...LOL! But All In All I Enjoyed Myself Like I Always Did When I Went There.

Even "Bob Lee Swagger" Attended The Festivities...

Thank You Coney Island For The Many Years Of Joy. Since My Childhood..Well I Hope The Reconsider This Condominium Idea They Have For The Space & Bring In New Stuff For People To Continue To Love....PEACE!!!!

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