Friday, October 10, 2008

Timberland You Done Fucked Up Now...

Went Into Daffy's Yesterday Cause Some Days They Have Hot Shit... I Look Over At The Wall & See The Most Disgusting Pair Of Boots On Earth. These Black Suede Boots Had Gold Rope Laces & A Fake Ass Diamond On The Sole. To Add Logs To The Fire I Look On The Side & See That Timberland Has "B'KLYN" On The Side Of The Boot. They Drank Like 8 Ensures Mixed With Prune Juice & Shat On Brooklyn So Hard With That Shit. Now To Add Gasoline To The Flame I Look On The Back & See "FLATBUSH, ATLANTIC, FULTON" On The Back. WHAT!!!!!!!!! Not My Hood. You Couldn't Throw Canarsie Under The Bus, Not Even Mill Basin. Timberland You Just Lost So Much Cool Points After I Stuck Up For Your Asses In This Discussion About Nike Boots or Timbs. Can't Believe You Guys..SMH

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