Tuesday, May 13, 2008

On The Set Of "Hancock"..

Willard Smith On The Set Of "Hancock".. This Movie Releases In A Couple Of Weeks But They Were Still Doing Shoots.. Got To Poli With "The Fresh Prince" Real Briefly Before He Had To Run Back To His Trailer With Security. Mike Epps & Spike Lee Was On Set Too.. Mike Is In The Film But Spike Has Nothing To Do With It But Was Still There. I Guess That's What You Do When Your A Boss ::Insert T-Pain Voice Saying Boss 5 X's::.. Spike & I Exchanged Head Knods Of Acknowledgment (Not Like He's To Remember Me Working For Him On A Few Projects), Just The Fact That He Notices That I Am There.. Also Talked To Mike Epps (Whom I Think Is Hilarious). Had Fun & Got Payed Doing What I Love..
Photo By: ME!!

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