Friday, April 25, 2008

Justice Will NOT Be Served???..

Police Shot & Killed An African Immigrant When He Was Only Reaching For His Wallet. Amadou Diallo's Killers Were Aquitted & Set Free To Kill Again..... 9 Years Later A Young Man Is Shot & Killed On His Wedding Day, This Time No Wallet, No "Shiny Object"...NOTHING!! With All That Said Sean Bell's Killers Walk Free Also. Does This Mean If You Have A Bagde You Can Murder Whomever You Feel?. What Was The Purpose Of The Civil Rights Movement? Can African American People Ever Feel Safe In America? I Really Want Those Questions Answered. Now I'm Not The Political Type But Really, Is The System Designed For African Americans To Succeed, Fail Or Die.. "Come On Mr. President, How You Gonna Fix Other Places When You Ain't Fixed Home Yet"...

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