Wednesday, April 21, 2010

In My Dreams..

Long Before We Know Ourselves,
Our Paths Are Already Set In Stone.
Some May Never Figure Out Their Purpose In Life, & Some Will.
There Are A Lot Of Us Who Are Caught Up In This Hell We All Live In,
Content With Being Blinded By Rules & Judgment.
We Live In A World Where It's More Okay To Follow Than To Lead.
In This World Being A Leader Is Trouble For The System We Are All Accustomed To.
Being A Leader In This Day & Age Is Being A Threat.
Not Many People Stood Up Against The System We All Call Life,
But Toward The End Of Our First Ten Years Into The Millennium We Heard A Voice.
A Voice Who Was Speaking To Us From The Underground For Some Time.
A Voice Who Spoke Of Vulnerabilities & Other Human Emotions & Issues Never Before Heard So Vividly & Honest.
This Is The Story Of A Young Man Who Not Only Believed In Himself,
But His Dreams Too.


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