Monday, April 5, 2010

Micah In The Middle..

Me & Micah Have Never Met..... Just A Few Laughs On This USTREAM I Was Doing With Some Friends & That's How We Became Connected. Then It Turned To Twitter. Turns Out Dude Is A Talented Artist. I Say Artist Because It Comes In Different Forms. Well This Post Is Bringing Your Attention To His Musical Talent With His Mixtape "Micah In The Middle" I Had To Give This A Listen Cause The Concept Is From A Show, "Malcolm In The Middle" Which I Enjoy Very Much. Well I Will Let You Be The Judge Of This VA Native. Oh Yeah Micah Prob. Doesn't Know This But I Was A VA Resident For A Few Myself (Norfolk State Univ. Stand Up)...LOL..Micah In The Middle

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