Wednesday, March 25, 2009

100 Things You Don't Know About Me.. # 11-20

Here Are 10 More Things You May Not Know About Me..

11. I Secretly Rap To Myself & I Think I'm Pretty Good.
12. I'm Allergic Too EVERY Bit Of Seafood Except Fish
13. Most Don't Believe Me But I Remember Being Born
14. I Cried & Broke Things At The Last Episode Of The Cosby Show
15. I Think I Have A.D.D
16. I Am Scared To Get Behind The Wheel Again After An Accident In PA
17. I Have A HUGE Foot Fetish But Don't Practice That Crazy Fetish Stuff
18. Found My Long Lost Brother On MySpace (Thanks Tom)
19. I LOVE Sneakers...I Would Buy A Pair Rather Than Eat.
20. I Collect DVD's.. Weird But True

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J0SMILES said...

Haitian allergic to seafood? Poojab (sp)