Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ever Slept On A Champion...

Have You Ever Tried Sleeping With A Broken Heart

Or A Broken Dream, Or A Broken Scheme

And You Keep Trying Fall Asleep And Hope It Weans

But You Ghost Don’t Leave, Your Suppose To Scream, But Can’t

This Is My Life Until I Make It Big

Making This Music Is Equivalent To Making Kids

I Cannot Fathom Nothing In This World That Will Make Me Quit

That’s My Dilemma Though Life Will Tell Me I Ain’t Shit (Yeah)

I Have My Ups And Down And Lefts And Rights

I Made Mistakes That Often Takes Me Home To Sleepless Nights

But Most Of All I Have Doubters That Told Me To Change My Life

Give Up My Goals And Focus On A Way Away From The Mic (Right)

This Type Of Loser Living Can’t Be Done

Got Haters Voices In My Head Like I Sampled Them

Those That Were Close Once Are Gone Since I Began My Run

Have You Ever Tried Sleeping On A Champion……….


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