Friday, July 18, 2008

I'm Daily News..

Doing My Thing Heavy.... I Woke Up This Morning At 6 To Go Find This Paper.. I Didn't Tell Anyone Really About The Interview Just A Few Folks.. I Pick Up The Daily News, SLide My 2 Quarters On The Counter & Exit... I Surpass All The News About Recesion & 50 Cent Being Clean ::Sorry Fif:: & I Skim.. I Fall On Page 62... There I Am, In A Full Page Article.. I Think To Myself "DAMN!!!, Who Would Have Thought Lil' Ol' Me Would Be At The Attention Of So Many People"::Play Full House Sad Music::.. So I Quickly Get Off My Cry Baby Shit & Read The Article. I Actually Loved It... Been Thinking Of Framing It & All That Good Jazz.. I Texted Everyone In My Address Book Just To Share My Joy.. But That's All It Is.. Thanks For All The Congrats, Thanks For All The Love & Support.. Go Out & Splurge & Get A NY Daily News... If Your Pockets Ain't Fat Enough You Can See The Article For $Free.99 On This Site Below... Shout Out To Clem Richardson For Article...

Daily News Article

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MAJESTY said...

bIG UP homie,
"Haitian are taking over"