Tuesday, July 15, 2008

No One Wanted To "Meet Dave"...

Damn!!!, One Of My Comedic Idols Bombed At The Box Office This Weekend. Eddie Murphy's New Movie "Meet Dave" Went Down In History As One Of The Worst Box Office Weekends Of All Time.. The Film Grossed In At $5.3 Million..::DAMN!!!:: This Is Eddie's Second Bomb Worst Film To Do Such Horrible Numbers, The Other One Was "Pluto Nash" Which Did A Little Over $2 Million It's First Week..Let's Hope Eddie Takes A New Route & Gets Back To The Old Him..I'm Gonna Go See The Movie Just Cause He's One Of My Comedic Hero's. I Also Heard He's Suppose To Be Doing Another Installment To Beverly Hills Cop. He's Drinking Stallone Juice. Axel Foley Makes A Comeback??!! Let's See What Goes Down.

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