Wednesday, November 5, 2008

History Has Been Made....YES WE DID!!!

Where Do I Start.....It's Been An Emotional Night/Day. As You All Should Know By Now Barack Obama Has Been Elected As The New President Of The United States Of America. Waking Up Yesterday Morning Early As Hell Didn't Even Seem Like A Bother. To Be At My Site To Vote Was Crazy...The Lines Were Down The Block & Around The Corner. Goons, Crackheads, Old People, First Timers, Colors & Nations Were All In Attendance. It Was A Beautiful Thing.

(7:40 A.M.)

So Last Night I'm Doing Everything To Keep My Mind Off Cause Before You Know It I'll Be In A Corner Shakin' My Legs. So I'm At The Studio With A-Smash & Stan Lo Working On My Upcoming Mixtape But In Between Each Part I Do We Back At The TV Checking On The Numbers. I Hurried To My Hood Cause It Was Well Aware Wether Barack Won Or Lost Guns Would Be Fired...LOL!

I Went To Watch The Numbers With My Family. ::Mom Was In Town To VOTE::.. They Were Looking Good For Obama. As Soon As They Said 297 I Was Out The Window Yelling Like I Did When The Bulls Won The Championship In 98.. I Head Out.. Running To My Block I See People Outside Yelling & Cheering For Joy. It Was Just Crazy. I Get To The Block & Greet All My People. Then We Stood On The Block In Awww.."A Black President"...WOW.. History. Then My Dude Put The Speakers Out So We Could Hear The Acceptance Speech. Gun Shots, Fire Works & Car Honking ::Young Jeezy's "My President" Was Playing In Damn Near Everycar That Passed::.. LOL!!! Even My Haitian People Threw A Parade On Flatbush Avenue...It Was Like New Years. The Comradery & Love That People Were SHowing In THe Streets Last Night Was To Be Remembered.

I Went Home & Sat & Cried... The Realization That We As Black People Were Finally Accepted & Finally We Can Tell Our Children "You Can Be ANYTHING, Including The President Of The United States".. We've Come So Far. Even Doing This Post I'm Fighting To Hold Back. It Was Even Hard To Get A Newspaper This Morning. But I Hustled & Got Them All With Some Assitance. Now I Have Something I Can Show My Kids....And Their Kids..

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