Wednesday, November 26, 2008

McDonald's You A Fool For This One...

So Doing My Usual TV Thing, I See This Commercial By McDonald's... I Guess This Marketing Chicken Nuggets Heavy Nowadays Cause It's A Few Of Them But This Particular One Sticks Out.. At First I Thought It Was A Music Video Thing For A New Record Coming Out.. Low & Behold It's McDonald's..LMAO!!! ::Literally Laughing Out Loud Typing This::.. It's Well Put Together With The Rain & Everything... Even Adlibs Are Classic "Girl Your Dippin' On Me?"..LMAO!!!! My Favorite Line Is.. "Girl You Got 10 Pieces, Don't Be Stingyyyyy"..LMAO!!! ::Tears Are Falling:: Sometimes When I Think About It Too Hard I Don't Find It That Funny.. What Did The Casting Sheet Look Like... African American Male Mid 20's, Great Singer...LMAO!!! Ok It's Still Funny... Loosely Put Niggas Singing For Chicken.. Barack Have You Seen This Commercial Yet???..LMAO!!!!

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